Service we offer

The Center for Research and Professional Studies, is a model educational institution, established in 2015, to serve as a hub that bridges education with industry, by combining academic knowledge with technical training. The Center for Research and Professional Studies is committed to provide students, not only with the necessary knowledge, but also with the technical skills and competences, the abilities and the experiences that will allow them to pursue a career in the local and the international market in their field of expertise. Driven by our ultimate goal - the proper professional development of our students - our efforts have primarily been focused on creating a group of Instructors comprised by experienced academics in higher technical education, as well as specialized and highly qualified professionals from the local and international industry, aiming to transfer both the knowledge and experience to the students during their studies. Most importantly, the center has been actively working on the creation of a network with multinational organisations and certification bodies with a long presence in the local and international industry. All partnerships of the center are intended to both ensure the quality of education provided to students and to certify their skills by internationally recognized organisations

 Service We Offer:The Center has two wings.       

A. Research and Development Department: 

The Research Department is currently engaged to produce appropriate model on a controversial Elections Bill.  CRPS is in final stage to conclude appropriate electoral model that are adjacent to 2020 federal elections 

B. Professional Studies: 

The Department of Professional studies currently offers following Subjects/ Diploma


1. IELTS Couching and Exam Booking 

2. Research Methodology and Thesis Guidance 

3.  Skills Development and ICT Solution
4. Journalism 

5. Procurement and Logistics

6.  Financial Management 

7.  English as Second Language (Intermediate Level) 

8.  Economics and Political Science 

9. Result based monitoring and evaluation  

10. Job placement 

11. Agricultural and Veterinary  Research