Coalition for Political Partnership is a grassroots movement that engages political partnership among ordinary Somali citizens who are willing to partake country’s ongoing political transition. CPP is a permanent platform that brings together Youth, Women, Traditional Elders, Religious Leaders, Business Community, Senior Politicians, Academicians and Research centers for the purposes of political dialogue, and building consensus and national cohesion The Main agenda of C4PP is to directly engage all above mentioned community sections in order to produce well equipped and standard Member of Parliament wither National or the Six (6) country constituents. C4PP has a tailored program intended to educate members willing to join politics and has an opportunity to sell their idea by their grass root community. C4PP will launch soon an extensive consultation forum for the six country constituents. C4PP is the sole program for Center for Research and Professional Studies intended to promote culture of Democracy and Political Dialogue and participation of country’s electoral Process ( CRPS) www.crps.so


The CPP is a permanent political platform, which promotes political dialogue and consensual democracy.


To promote political dialogue and national cohesion; to strengthen Party Capacities for political career development; and to foster institutional development and service delivery.

 Value-based Politics

      The Coalition for Political Partnership shall try to promote an alternative politics in the country that is firmly rooted in high standards of morality and ethical values and is free from crimes, corruption, selfishness and all kinds of narrow-minded prejudices. It will require making effective the mechanisms of accountability and transparency at all levels of public life and ensuring that authority and power are always coupled with an equal magnitude of responsibility and answerability, and flawless character becomes the most fundamental prerequisite for political representation.

 The Idea of a Welfare State

    Coalition for Political Partnership will aim at the establishment of a welfare state. It is the conviction of the C4PP that sufficient nutritious food, decent clothing, proper shelter, essential healthcare and elementary education are among the fundamental human rights and it is the duty of a welfare state to fulfil these basic needs of each and every citizen. Development with Justice and Equality.   Coalition for Political Partnership envisages speedy growth in industry, trade, commerce and the national economy. But it shall try to reform the economy in such a way as to ensure that the process of development and wealth creation is properly regulated by the obligations of justice and equality. Humanity and human beings must get precedence over economy and capital. Concentration of wealth.

must be curbed and all the Somali’s must benefit from the fruits of development. Economic development should also uplift the backward and downtrodden sections along with the industrialists and businessmen. Concerns for sustainability and the protection of environment should also form an important regulator of development.

 Democracy, Pluralism and Inclusiveness

        Coalition for Political Partnership shall promote the true spirit of democracy. The C4PP strongly believes in democracy not in the sense of mere majorityism but in the sense of inclusiveness and pluralism. A true democratic society is one that addresses the needs and demands of every section of the society and ensures that every section contentedly fulfils its aspirations. The ideal society that the Party envisages will be founded on the notion of universal human brotherhood. It will make Somali’s grow above the narrow divisions and discriminations, clan divisions and nourish the spirit of unity in diversity. This notion of universal brotherhood implies that a warm hand of cooperation is extended to the weak and oppressed sections of the society and minorities, they are uplifted through special measures and affirmative actions and it is ensured that they get a dignified place in the society and do not lag behind in the race of progress. It also implies that women should get full growth and development opportunities with full protection to their femininity.

 Cultural Federalism    

      Coalition for Political Partnership envisages a society where all cultures have full opportunities to thrive and develop. The concept of federalism that the C4PP believes covers the cultural federalism    along with geographic federalism. In a culturally unique/so close society like Somalia, all communities get fullest opportunities, resources and powers to protect and promote their cultural values and identities.

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