About Us

  • Historical Background:

The Center for Research and professional Studies (CRPS Somalia) is the leading independent, not-for-profit research and policy analysis Think Tank in Somalia, with a reputation for conducting high quality research and policy analysis and promotion of a culture of debate and dialogue on policy issues. It became fully functional in May 2015 with initial start-up support from Jubbaland Government.


  • Vision:

To become an Independent recognized Center of Excellence on policy analysis and research in Somalia and beyond.


  • Mission:

To enhance evidence-based policy making through research and policy analysis, promote a culture of dialogue and debate to improve policy and impact change in Somalia.


  • Strategic Objectives:

Conducting, relevant, timely, and quality policy research and analysis to enable evidence-based policy making in Somalia.

Promoting a culture of dialogue and debate on public policy issues to influence policy and impact change.

Building the internal capacity of CRPS and that of collaborating institutions to effectively undertake the tasks of policy analysis and research.

To build a forum for debate on public policy in Somalia, East Africa  and beyond;

To respond to the need to build external capacity for public policy research and policy analysis in Somalia.

Mobilizing resources needed to support and sustain CRPS’s strategic objectives to fully fulfill its mandate.


  • Values:
  1. Pursuit of excellence
  2. Integrity and honesty
  3. Professionalism
  4. Innovation and creativity
  5. Teamwork