Ka mid Noqo Xubin kamida C4PP iskana diiwaan gali Website ka


Coalition for Political Partnership (C4PP) is a grassroots movement that engages political partnership among ordinary Somali citizens who are willing to partake country’s ongoing political transition. CPP is a permanent platform that brings together Youth, Women, Traditional Elders, Religious Leaders, Business Community, Senior Politicians, Academicians and Research centers for the purposes of political dialogue, and building consensus and national cohesion The Main agenda of C4PP is to directly engage all above mentioned community sections in order to produce well equipped and standard Member of Parliament wither National or the Six (6) country constituents. C4PP has a tailored program intended to educate members willing to join politics and has an opportunity to sell their idea by their grass root community. C4PP will launch soon an extensive consultation forum for the six country constituents. C4PP is the sole program for Center for Research and Professional Studies intended to promote culture of Democracy and Political Dialogue and participation of country’s electoral Process ( CRPS)

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