Research Department

Research and Development Department

The Director of Research and Development has the responsibility for the planning, research and information activities that are an essential pre-requisite to formulate coherent policies in Education.   The Research and Development Department (as of 2015) advises and support on all matters concerning the formulation of draft long term policies in education.   The collection of statistical data relation to education is carried out under the guidance of the Department of Research and Development. As a result, permission to carry out research in State Schools or the Directorates documents is also to be addressed to this section. The relative application form is enclosed.   The Research and Development Department is the focal point where statistics about education in Malta is collected and collated. This data is then used as feedback for clearer planning and shaping of education policy according to the needs of Maltese society. This data is available online to the general public. In the links hereunder, a collection of totals and grand totals of the students’ population for Malta and Gozo (as of October, 2010) is provided. These range from Kindergarten to Year 6 for Primary and from Forms 1 to 5 for Secondary schools.     The functions of the Department of Research and Development are to: 

  • Continually develop new initiatives, and to set policy, aimed are planning for the improved quality of education and to ensure their proper and timely implementation.
  • Initiate research proposals in collaboration with other Departments, the University of Malta and other institutions so as to design programmed for qualitative planning and international bench-marking of the Maltese system.
  • Monitor the implementation of strategic and operational plans to ensure quality, quantity, timeliness and results in relation to planned objectives and expected outcomes.
  • Oversee the compilation of a hierarchical management information system that assists senior management in their decision-making activities.
  • Prepare and monitor forecasts of school population growth and school population mobility.

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